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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Joys of E-Publishing!

Today I would like to give you a few good reasons why you should consider digital publishing for your manuscript.

It used to be in the past people considered e-publishers to be the red headed step-child of the industry. Before you post that I am picking on red-heads, I'm allowed to say that since I am a light ginger myself, LOL

Even I used to think that digital publishing was a last resort when all the 'real' publishers rejected me. But that is a very inaccurate perception.

Thankfully, just as times have changed, so have the misconceptions.

While I would still love to see my work in print...I do have a Christmas anthology coming in print this year which I am excited about...there are some wonderful benefits to digital publishing I would like to discuss today.

1. Underrepresented genres

* Vampire, witches, Regency and Scottish Highland hunks not your thing?
In digital publishing your 'unwanted' genre of romance can find a home. Whether you write erotica and male/male romance (commonly known as m/m) like I do, post WW2, 1960's New York City, Civil War zombies....whatever!
If your book is well written a digital publisher will not turn away your manuscript because regency is 'selling' and Civil War is not. Also larger books can find a home in digital publishing as do short stories under 10k

2. You get paid a lot sooner

* Hey, who doesn't love that? While a few e-publishers do pay advances, for the most part they all pay a commission based on a predetermined percentage. You can be paid within 90 days at some houses, even receiving monthly royalty checks. Believe me, that is a real nice treat once a month!

3. Personal service

* at some of the smaller houses, they are so welcoming and can be very understanding to new authors. You will never feel stupid because you are a publishing virgin. That is a blessing for sure!

4. Input in your book cover

* Of course, this is not a guarantee. Nothing in this industry is. But in my experience, input on my book covers was well received. The result has been even a few award winning covers *grins*
Take a look at this -------------->
This is my latest book cover for an erotic m/m novella...talk about an underrepresented genre in NYC.... called BEAR IT ALL available now from Decadent Publishing!
Gorgeous, right?

5. Professional editing

* if you do your homework, and submit to reputable well reviewed digital publishers ...even in print publishers you can find some shoddy work so homework is ALWAYS important.... your mss will be refined and treated to the best polish you ever imagined!

6. Independence

* promotions are up to you, which can be scary. However, the flip side is your book sales will reflect the work you put into it.

7. Affordable e-readers

* With easy to use reading devices, e-books are getting more and more attention. They are even available on your cell phone!!
As a bibliophile, I hate to admit it, print books may be a luxury one day, meant only for the famous authors, not the rest of us peons.
A lot of digital publishers do offer print options, so do not despair that you will never see your precious book in print!
But e-books are the wave of the future. Heck, even THE NEW YORK TIMES has e-book listings.

I hope these few things have given you a new perspective as to why digital publishing may be right for you.

With social media, blogs, and e-readers maybe you should consider taking the plunge and being a part of the digital revolution!

Romance with Spice...Love without Boundaries

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Elysa said...

Excellent advice and information. Also, an author might want to consider self-epublishing. Places like Smashwords make the process "almost" foolproof. And there are many groups and authors out there willing to help guide you through the process.

My first book Rawhide Surrender was epublished back in 1999 when ebooks were just starting out. I've recently regained my rights to this book and will soon be epublishing it myself. I've also taken a couple of my unsold manuscripts and put them out on Kindle. So far my sales aren't stellar, but I've sold more copies than if I'd left the manuscript sitting on my computer.

Patrice Kavanaugh said...

Some great insights, Deanna. I completely agree that epublishing is no longer the "ugly stepsister" of the "real" publishing industry. That point was driven home at this year's RWA National conference. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like a winning one.

Em-Musing said...

Yup, my manuscript may go way of "e" or "self" but you made some valid points and I don't feel so hesitant any longer.

Ayda Recknagel said...

It seems to me the list of reasons to not e- or self-publish are getting shorter all the time, and your list helps solidify that fact for me. Authors struggling to find the right 'home' for their books can just make one of their own now. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and blogging, self-promotion is easier than ever, and FREE! How does that old shampoo commercial go? "You tell your friend, and she'll tell her friend, and she'll tell her friend..."

Constance Phillips said...

Thanks for your post, Deanna. I've been thinking about submitting some of my manuscripts to e-pubs for awhile now, and you make a convincing argument.

BTW, Love your knew cover and looking forward to reading the story.

Kristina Knight said...

Wonderful insights, Deanna. Epubs are on my list of research once the kiddo is in school and I can concentrate for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Deanna said...

Thanks for the thoughts, gals! I'm glad to have given you guys some new things to think about! :)
I still would like to have a mainstream print book in Walmart one day, LOL, but until then I'll just celebrate selling my seventh e-book contract!

Shay Lacy said...

Deanna: the epubs were courting hard at RWA National and they made a lot of sense. The self-pubbing talk made sense too. Thanks for your post.