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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Cart Before the Horse

Sometimes we all get ahead of ourselves. But this time, I'm WAAAY ahead of myself!

I'm tickled pink that I have another 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing in the works. Its title is Haste Ye Back and it pretty much wrote itself the moment I sat down on a log alongside Loch Lomond in July of 2007.

Currently, I'm waiting on the first round of edits. In the meantime, however, I have all my other ducks in a row: cover, trailer, swag, etc.

Take a look at this beautiful book cover by Decadent artist, Dara England. She's done all three of my covers and has hit the nail squarely on its head every time!

Looking forward, our next MVRWA Book Lovers' Event is March 24, 2012 a
t Sanger Branch Library on Central Avenue in West Toledo. So, I went to my favorite on-line print house and ordered up a stack of two-sided postcards for our swag-bags for the event. Haste Ye Back on one side, The One He Chose on the other. (Got them for a GREAT deal too!) Along with an impulse buy of two t-shirts with both book covers on them. Don't know if they'll hit the prize pack or end up as Christmas gifts this year.

I always get excited seeing my story in a 'movie' form. MVR
WA member, Katelynn Phillips is an absolute WHIZ with her Apple programs. Clink on this link to take a look at the stunning video for Haste Ye Back.

So, I'm all prepared for the release of Haste Ye Back, whenever that may be. I guess in the meantime, I should get started on another story!

Wendy currently has two works on the Decadent Publishing shelves, a third in editing and 274 more stories which she hopes DP will be interested in! Find her on Facebook, Twitter and lurking about the internet. You could send her a nasty email-wendyburke1994@bex.net. When not playing with the people in her head, she has silly life with her way-too-cute chef husband and two furry feline kids in the Great Lakes area of the Midwest.


Em-Musing said...

Hey Wendy...yes, beautiful covers by Dara England...and she hit my nail with those guy's arms YUM!

Talli Roland said...

Look at those gorgeous covers - wonderful!

Constance Phillips said...

I love your covers. Congrats on your newest release.