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Monday, December 5, 2011

Every Day A New Surprise

I've been madly decorating our house for the last couple of weeks. No, we are not Santa-and-Reindeer central, but when I attack this kind of project a little at a time I find it ends much better. With the house actually looking decorated instead of like Santa threw up on us.

My favorite thing? An advent calendar I bought at a craft show a couple of years ago; the one to the left is very similar. The bebe is just old enough to understand that there are 'prizes' inside each closed door - and also old enough to believe I'm serious when I say we only open one each day. The boxes are small - the perfect size for a Hershey's Kiss or a single Starburst or a penny...so I filled them up with all kinds of little, small things. So every day holds a new surprise for her. Five days into December and every day she wakes up and asks if it's time to open a door, and I love watching the surprise on her face when she sees what's waiting inside.

It's kind of how I feel about starting new books - every sentence, paragraph, page and day sends my characters (and me!) on a little bit of a journey to find a new surprise. Some days the surprise is good, some days not so much...but the surprise keeps me moving forward.

Do you feel that way about new WIPs? Or is the unknown more of a challenge to you?


Liz Flaherty said...

Good post, Kristi. That's exactly the way it is, only usually I don't see anything nearly as cute as Shelby!

Jerri said...

I love the calender thing. Will have to find one for my granddaughter for next year. You know I'm struggling to write each sentence, paragraph, chapter lately so each one is sweet to me. I do love writing more than anything but the business of being a published author is harder than I ever dreamed.

Em-Musing said...

I love the adventure of a new W.I.P...the journey always takes unexpected twists and turns.

Constance Phillips said...

Kristi, your daughter is at such a fun age, embracing the world with wide-eyed wonder.

Not so much for me and WIP. It's more of each word has to be pulled from my psyche. I get more satisfaction when I start my second draft.

Kristina Knight said...

thanks for coming by, Liz!

Jerri, I know you're struggling, but seeing you keep moving forward - even an inch at a time - makes me cheer you on even more. You'll find your way back, I just know it!

Karen, adventure - yes! That's what a rough draft, in all its ugliness, is to me.

Connie, we're opposite sisters! My second drafts are like your first...the wonder is still there but I stress more about word choice and wonder if the conflicts are strong enough and...the list goes on!

D'Ann said...

Been struggling, too, Jerri. Sigh.

My daughter was a grown woman by the time I got one of those calenders, but we love it now!

Merry Christmas!

D'Ann said...
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Patrice Kavanaugh said...

I think I'd prefer spending the days of early December opening a small door to discover a small gift (esp. if it's chocolate!) than opening my word file and discovering...that I have pages to fill of my wip! But that's a writer's life, right? Happy Advent...a time of joyful anticipation. Also part of a writer's life.

Kristina Knight said...

Thanks for stopping in D'Ann and Patrice!

D'Ann I'll bet your grown-up daught LOVES that!

Patrice, chocolate in all it's forms is the BEST surprise! :)

Margie said...

Kristi--you nailed it. That's exactly was a new WIP is like. We never really did the calendar thing but in Iceland we had a candlestick that began with 25 and we burned it down each day to countdown until Christmas--which is why I don't understand the Advent calendar idea because you start with one, so you have to do math to figure out how many days until Christmas. LOL.

Kristina Knight said...

I've actually seen some that start at 25 and go to 1...mine happens to start at 1, though. DH says the number of 'things in the box' should be equal to the number on the box...So not happening!