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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Transformation

With January goal setting came introspection. A review of previous goals showed how far I’d come, while newly set goals showed me where I’d like to be. And between the two showed me how I’ve changed as a writer. This year I hit writer puberty, and like a teenager I wanted a new look that defined and represented what was intrinsically ‘me’ now. I decided it was time for a website facelift.

I spent hours on the Internet searching stock photo sites for ideas—not a past-time I recommend if you want to get any writing done. Some of those graphics are just so cool! But cool as they were, they didn’t represent me. I write about metamorphosis—life’s changes and choices and Love That Transforms (my new tag line). I asked other writers what they visualized for the word ‘transformation.’ Their examples were stirring. But trying to encapsulate words into static pictures proved difficult.

Then I remembered a simple lace design I’d doodled several years ago—a play on my last name, Lacy. I visited the fabric store. I have to stop here and ooze joy about that. I love the fabric store—the way the textiles are sorted by fabric type, pattern and color; and the beauty, imagery and feel of the fabrics. To me it’s a soul-filling, OCD pleasing, nearly orgasmic experience. I spent ten minutes in the aisle with the shimmery fabrics that would make up the outer layer of Cinderella’s ball gown. Maybe every girl does dream of wearing such a dress.

But it was the lace I’d come to see and lace they had by the aisle-full. Lace of every style and pattern. I’m afraid I messed up their perfect shelves so I could hang the black lace over the white and get the full effect. An hour later I left the store with four yards of my favorite laces (because who can buy just one?). See for yourself.

So now I have an icon that represents me. Like the lace, my theme is simple yet complex—love transforms you. Whether that path is easy or arduous, fun, frantic or filled with danger, innocent or erotic, mundane or out-of-this-world, these are the stories I want to tell.

Have you had a transformation recently?


Wendy said...

Bravo, Shay!

Em-Musing said...

LOve the lace. I too love fabric stores. I could stoll for hours. And so far as transforming...I'm slowly changing my views on what success means to me and not being so hard on myself for not being pub'd yet.

Ayda Recknagel said...

I LOVE the lace! A lot. It suits you very well. ;)

Constance Phillips said...

Congrats on taking yet another step forward. I love the lace. Very pretty!

Kristina Knight said...

Yay on your transformation, Shay! And fabric stores. . .sigh. . .they understand me soooo well.

Shay Lacy said...

Wendy: Thanks!

Em: I, too, am revising my view of success.

Ayda and Connie: I can't wait until my website is finished, now that people have seen the lace.

Kristina: We need to shop!

Patrice Kavanaugh said...

Wonderful imagery, Shay. Congrats on finding just the right image for your personal story of transformation. Also love the tagline! Great.