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Friday, March 9, 2012

Imprisoned Writers

I have been to prison.

I have been relegated to specific tasks at specific times for a designated length of time.

I have been told to be silent, keep to myself, eyes straight ahead, stay in line. Or the 'warden' (aka Shay Lacey!) will mercilessly flog me.

But it was wonderful!

It's a little something the gang at MVRWA calls 'Panera Prison.' It's a gathering of writers who show up at Panera Bread Bakery/Cafe on the weekends and force themselves to be productive and hold one another accountable for productivity for a few hours.

Last month, was a bit of special occasion at 'Prison.' It was a 'Submission Party.' A couple of our members, (including The Warden) were encouraged to submit manuscripts for publication. Filled with unwarranted (IMO) trepidation, they needed the support of the 'inmates.' We gathered around the two submitters, hunkered down in the corner of a Panera Cafe in Holland, Ohio and forced good energy upon them until 'send' was pressed and the works were off into the ether en route to publishers.

We're hoping all that good mojo will mean excellent response from the publishers.

So if some Saturday or Sunday morning you just happen to stop for something oh-so-tasty at Panera, (I recommend either the immense cinnamon roll, warmed with butter on top, or the Cobblestone--don't worry about the calories, just click your heels three times and the calories dissipate!) and you observe an odd group of people hunkered down in a corner of the bakery, discussing strange relationships with shape-shifters, multiple romantic partners or murder, fear not, it's just 'us' putting in our time (happily!) in 'Prison!'

Wendy is a displaced Cheesehead, proud to have been born and bred in Wisconsin. She was a migrant worker for years in the radio business, until she landed in Ohio and refused to leave. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty, house with her chef husband and two spoiled rotten cats.


Kristina Knight said...

LOVE this, Wendy! Panera Prison sounds wonderful and it's great that you all have such a wonderful support system...I'm going to have to make one of these PP days...

Ayda Recknagel said...

We should have "Inmate #..." shirts made.

Wendy Burke said...

With our RWA # on them, Ayda!

Em-Musing said...

I wanna go. I wanna a t-shirt. Guess my Mexican paradise doesn't have everything. WAaaa!

Constance Phillips said...

Gret post, Wendy. As a fellow inmate, Panera Prison has been what's kept me producing through what has been a stressful year.