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Friday, November 15, 2013

What Molds People?

I met my husband when we were both 17 years old. Dating as a teenager is different than dating as adults. Teens don't really discuss their childhoods. That's not cool. It's more of getting to know who that person is now, the almost-adult, and talking about what the future will hold. So I fell in love with the man he was and never really wondered about what made him that way.

Now that our parents are elderly, he has begun to talk about his childhood, and the experiences that shaped his life. Unlike his brothers, he is very stable, dependable and financially responsible. Why? Because he was even-tempered, and his brothers had hot tempers, he had to help his father do any task that required assistance, because his father also had a temper. If his brothers helped, tempers flared in all parties and there was more yelling than work. Because he was an Army brat, who lived in a number of states and countries, he had put down deep roots. Moving is not something he ever wants to do. These are a few of the things that molded him.

In romance books, the reader wants to understand what motivates a hero and heroine. We can't sympathize or empathize if we don't know the reason. And if we can sympathize, we can't wait for a beast to become a hero, or we can root for the bad boy to be saved/redeemed. So, if you're a writer, think about your own life and the lives of people you know. Consider your behavior and theirs, and the reasons for it. Include those motivations in your writing, and readers will thank you for it.

Shay Lacy writes erotic romance, romantic suspense and futuristic romance. For more information about her and her books, visit her website at www.shaylacy.com.


Constance Phillips said...

Thanks, Shay, for sharing that little bit from your real life and relationships. It is a great point about how to use our own past to shape our characters.

Jillian said...

good advice. We are shaped by experience and our characters, to seem more realistic, must be as well!

Shay Lacy said...

Connie: It's good to learn things, even at my age. LOL

Shay Lacy said...

Jillian: I think we, and our novels, are richer for having many experiences in life.