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Friday, April 4, 2014

Liquid Courage in My Purse

Health care makes me anxious, so I took a small bottle of Moscato (very sweet white wine) to my ultrasound appointment for liquid courage. I didn’t end up needing to drink it, but it had an effect anyway.

First, I showed it to every health care worker who interacted with me, from the registration clerk to the ultrasound tech. All of them smiled. Several of them laughed. Several confided their day warranted sharing that bottle (and this was at 7:45 in the morning!). A couple asked what kind it was because they wanted to mix it with orange juice. Every person was nice to me. Now it might be that particular facility treats everybody well. But I think people were so surprised that I had booze in my purse that I became something more than a patient number. I was out-of-the-ordinary, and people stepped out of their ordinary roles to interact with me.

Second, the fact that I had liquid courage on hand gave me the patience to sit calmly during computer snafus. It settled my nerves a little knowing if F.U.B.A.R. happened, like it did at my last appointment, I might be willing to go with the flow with a little lubrication libation. Strangers talk to me. I must have one of those “happy to listen” faces. So even when other people in the waiting area told me their horror stories, the little Moscato kept me from panicking too much.

I would not have gotten the same effect from having a rosary or rabbit’s foot. (I’m more into voodoo dolls anyway.) Those items don’t enter your bloodstream and make you feel good. So from now on anytime I have to visit health care, my liquid courage is going with me. And I may expand its travel to anyplace else I might be nervous. My little Moscato may make the world a better place with my sunnier disposition, and the happiness it seemed to spread in its wake.

Shay Lacy writes romantic suspense, erotic fantasy romance and futuristic romance. You can find out more about Shay or her novels at www.shaylacy.com.


Susana Ellis said...

Oh, I just remembered I have a little bottle of Scotch whisky left over from my trip last year. Just the size to fit in my purse!

But since I don't drink, maybe I should find something else. Chocolate? Wouldn't last long in there. Actually I like the voodoo doll best. Where can I get one? www.voodoodoll.com?

Love your post, Shay! You are always a hoot!

Jillian said...

LOL! I love this post.